A detailed buying guide for 1 carat diamond rings

A detailed buying guide for 1 carat diamond rings

Buying Guide for 1 Carat Diamond Rings

While diamonds are often characterized for their brilliance and luster, sometimes these can overwhelm the jewelry design, albeit in a negative way. It happens especially for smaller jewelry designs, like those of rings. So, most people having a proper understanding of jewelry usually prefer 1 carat diamond rings. In metrics scale, 1 carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams or 200 milligrams. Diamonds of this weight measurement not only have the perfect amount of visibility but also ensure not to suppress the beauty of the ring design.

Also, 1 carat diamond price is proportionate to the gem size with a higher value appreciation rate. Therefore, investing in this specific stone size seems to be a better option than looking for rings studded with heavier gems. Now, the question that will plague your thoughts for the next couple of hours is how to choose the perfect product from the long list of 1 carat diamond rings. You cannot randomly make the selection as that might render the chosen jewelry useless for your purpose. So, to help you out, we have prepared a detailed buying guide, explaining the factors you must consider to choose the best ring jewelry with 1 carat diamond stone. 

Diamond Jewellery Ring Style

Finding the best 1 carat diamond ring is indeed a painstaking job that should be done with extra caution so as to avoid any mistake. So, begin with understanding the jewelry styles suitable for diamond rings and apt for your purpose. For instance, if you want to buy an engagement ring, go with a solitaire design having a central diamond stone and a fine metal band. But if you want an extravagant design for the ring that will be suitable for occasional use, you can choose a vintage, art deco, or halo design. A simple ring with a 1 carat central diamond and flared by two colored side stones is highly in trend nowadays. 

Diamond Color and Clarity

Most 1 carat diamond rings are categorized based on the color grade of the gemstone and its clarity. Below we have briefly explained these two Cs of a diamond stone for your better understanding. 

  • Color grade: Scaled from D to Z, diamonds are graded based on their color gradient. For instance, colorless and pure diamonds are known to have color grade D while those belonging to grade Z have slightly yellowish or brown tint. Usually, lab grown diamond price for color grade D and above will be much higher than those with color grade Z. 
  • Clarity: Since lab grown diamonds are grown from a natural diamond seedling, you will find a few inclusions in their internal structures. The lesser these inclusions are, the higher will be the 1 carat diamond price in India and vice versa. Similarly, if your chosen diamond has surface blemishes, the cost will be much less. 

Based on these two factors and your pre-determined budget, you should make the right choice of the 1 carat diamond ring.

Diamond Stone Shape

Not all 1 carat diamond rings will have the same shape of the central stone. In other words, they usually have different cuts based on the desired shape, like oval, solitaire, round, princess, and so on. When you look through various diamond rings, ensure the chosen stone shape suits your persona and the entire jewelry design. For instance, halo rings usually have princess or round shaped diamonds while art deco rings are studded with emerald or marquise cuts. With such a high level of versatile stone shapes and cuts, you should make a proper selection of one of the best diamond rings for women.

Jewelry Metal Considerations

While looking through various 1 carat diamond rings, you shouldn’t overlook the jewelry metal and its color. The most common metals used for this specific jewelry category are white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold. Platinum is also used in manufacturing diamond rings, especially the ones meant for wedding and engagement. So, decide the best jewelry metal will be suitable for your purpose and won’t create a dent in your pocket. Also, ensure the choice of the metal compliments the diamond and its color perfectly to avoid any discrepancy in the overall design. 

Diamond Price Model

Choosing a lab grown diamond jewelry brand will help you avoid paying extra in terms of overheads. It is not just the price of the 1 carat diamond that will be added to the final bill. Instead, you also need to pay for the metal used in making the jewelry and several other charges, like labor costs. Therefore, it would be better to discuss the price of different 1 carat diamond rings with the salesperson before making the final call. 

Gem Grading Certification

When you look for different 1 carat diamond rings, ensure you select only those products having appropriate gem grade certification from a reputed organization. For instance, jewelry rings made with GIA certified diamonds are highly credible in terms of longevity and durability. These stones are not only of the purest quality but also will retain their brilliance and shine for years to come. 


With this guide outlined above, you won’t have to struggle much while scouting through various designs of 1 carat diamond rings. However, ensure to choose a reputed and reliable jewelry store so that you can get your hands over the best-quality diamond featuring highest clarity and a proper certification. If you want a trendy diamond ring for yourself with a brilliant and radiant diamond, explore the vast collection from Ayaani Diamonds

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