Caring for Diamond Jewelry: Travel plans made easier

Caring for diamond jewelry_ Travel plans made easier

Diamond Jewellery Care for Travelers: Tips for Keeping Your Diamonds Safe

While the thrill of traveling is beyond comprehension, people are often worried about the safekeeping of their valuables. The extent of worry skyrockets further when they carry precious items, like a diamond jewellery along with them. Being a traveler, you certainly understand the threats you might have to deal with when you have such a valuable item with you, regardless of the safety precautions put in place. Furthermore, diamond jewelry is often susceptible to damage if not taken care of appropriately during the journey.

All these concerning matters will hinder you from enjoying your trip if you do not plan cautiously. That being said, we have taken on ourselves to prepare a thorough guide about caring and safekeeping your lab grown diamond jewellery during your upcoming travel. With this illustration, not only will you be able to keep the jewelry in its optimal condition but also safeguard it against threats like theft and robbery.

Diamond jewelry packing tips

Firstly, you should pay attention to the packing methods before your travel to keep the diamond jewelry safe and well-protected. If not, the precious stones might suffer from numerous damages like surface scratch, cracks, and so on when subjected to pressure and movement. So, follow these below mentioned ideas to carefully pack the jewelry items for your upcoming trip.

  1. Use travel-friendly jewelry pouches: If you are carrying smaller items like lab grown diamond solitaire rings or pendants, make use of travel-friendly pouches specifically made for storing precious jewelry items. These are often made from soft materials that won’t form scratch on the metal or stones while ensuring the items remain intact throughout the journey.
  2. Ziplock bags: As an alternative, you can also use small ziplock bags to store your diamonds and other jewelry items together. Use a single bag for every individual item you want to carry for the trip and seal the opening carefully. Bundle all the ziplock bags together in a larger travel pouch. This will not only keep all your precious belongings at a single place but also prevent the jewelry items from tangling with one another.
  3. Rolling and not folding: Also, when you are packing things like necklaces or bracelets, do not fold them. Instead, roll these diamond jewelry items properly to save more space in your travel suitcase and prevent entanglement.
  4. Use protective padding: When you carry valuables like lab grown diamond rings India, ensure to use appropriate protective padding made from foam and other shock-absorbing materials. These will prevent any damage to the stones caused due to pressure, mechanical stress, or vibrations.

Handling lab grown diamonds with care during the travel

Whether you carry the small diamond rings for women or the humongous necklaces or an entire jewelry set, handling them appropriately during the travel is non-negotiable. These following tricks will surely help you to steer around different security checks and other places where the diamond jewelry units are most vulnerable.

  • When you are passing through a security check, remove the jewelry bag from the suitcase and keep it in your hand until you receive your luggage on the other end. This will prevent damage to the diamond jewelry due to the Xray radiations from the scanners.
  • You might not be wearing the lab diamond earrings or bracelet throughout your travel. Therefore, it would be better to choose an accommodation that offers security safes for safekeeping your jewelry items when not in use.
  • Although the lab grown diamond price is significantly less than that of natural gems, you should handle the jewelry items with care. This includes usage of proper jewelry cleaning lotions and other chemicals after use. Also, do not apply any product that you use directly to the jewelry as the chemicals might dull the brilliance and shine of the diamonds.

Clean the diamond jewelry post use: Tips and tricks

Cleaning of the lab grown necklace or diamond pendant designs is of utmost importance during your travel. Rather than stalling the job for later until your return, you can use a few tips and tricks to clean them properly before repacking.

  1. Once you have worn the diamond jewelry, the metals and stones might get covered with a thin layer of dust and dirt. So, use a soft, damp cloth to gently clean the surfaces before you store the products in the travel pouch.
  2. Always inspect the jewelry items for any potential damage after usage. For instance, check if any stone has loosened or formed scratches on the surface. If any issue exists, immediately take the diamond jewelry for repair to a reputed shop.
  3. If the diamond jewelry gifts you are carrying have lost their brilliance and luster, it would be better to seek professional cleaning rather than trying DIY methods. The professionals can handle the jewelry items with utmost care and restore the shine without causing any further damage.


Carrying diamond jewelry on a travel is not something you should avoid, especially if you are to attend an event or a family function. However, you should care for the precious items appropriately so that you won’t have to worry about the stones losing their brilliance and luster. Also, security and safekeeping should be done carefully so that you won’t lose them by any means.

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