Is investing in the lab grown diamonds justifiable?

Is investing in the lab grown diamonds justifiable?

Why are people talking about lab grown diamonds?

The mere thought of having a diamond jewelry excites you to an extent where you start exploring the product designs on your phone. While your behavior is completely justified, its disheartening the moment you realize that buying a natural diamond might not be the best choice for you, especially in monetary terms. So, you leave the exploration midway and think about other accessories that could meet your purpose. But not anymore! With lab grown diamonds now being in the limelight, you won’t have to sacrifice your dreams of wearing a dazzling white jewelry. 

Although these stones are much cheaper than the natural gems and also highly durable and long-lasting, many people are still in the dark. They do not know about the specialties of the lab grown diamonds India, which is why they refrain themselves from investing in the same, regardless of their desires. If you too consider dropping the idea of buying a jewelry made from lab grown diamonds, here are some of the proven reasons for you to not execute the action. 

Excellent affordability

The major reason for which people usually admire the natural diamonds from afar and not invest in the same is due to the higher price rates. Although it is justified, you no longer have to compromise with your desires. The lab grown diamonds are highly affordable when compared to their natural counterparts, which is why you won’t have to form a dent in your pocket. Below are a few facts that support the price reduction of the synthetic diamond in the Indian market. 

  • The synthetic diamonds are carefully engineered and grown in the laboratories. Hence, the time needed for the process is much less than that of natural diamond formation. Owing to this, the price is significantly reduced for the former. 
  • Due to the manufacturing process of the lab grown synthetic diamonds, the supply and demand chain is perfectly balanced. With higher supply rate of the gems in the market, the scarcity is easily managed, which further decreases the overall price rates. 
  • Also, the cost overheads of mining, transportation, purification, and many more are not involved in the manufacturing of lab grown diamonds. This also reduces the overall market rates of the gems and make them cost-efficient. 

Perfect replica of natural diamonds

Believe it or not, the best lab created diamonds are the considered to be the exact replica of the natural gems. These are grown from a small diamond seedling which is extracted from the mines. Since the chemical and physical properties are retained throughout, there is significantly no difference between the gems in consideration. So, a lab grown diamond will have the same shine and quality as that of the natural gem. Similarly, when you buy a lab grown gem, the four C’s of a natural diamond will be applicable for the same. 

Eco-friendlier and sustainable

Many people are currently preferring lab grown diamonds over the natural ones due to their consciousness about environmental impacts and sustainability. These are manufactured under control conditions within the laboratories, which is why the need to mine the same from the earth is significantly reduced. Furthermore, the natural resources won’t be depleted any longer if the lab grown gems replace the natural diamonds in the jewelry market. Pollution caused due to constant mining and excavation at diamond quarries can be avoided with the lab grown diamonds. 

Profound versatility

Whether you want to have lab grown diamond rings or a three-tiered necklace, the options are endless. In other words, these gems are used for making a myriad of jewelry designs, thanks to their higher availability and chemical and physical properties. Additionally, you will find the gems in different color and hue options, ranging from bright dazzling white to the endearing rose pink. These gems can also be customized in terms of the cuts and shapes as the per the initial product design. So, investing in the lab grown diamonds seems to be a far more rational choice in terms of monetary value and versatility. 

Priced proportionately with carat rate

If you carefully observe the products from a famous lab grown diamond jewellery brand, you will realize that the gems are priced proportionately with their carat weight. In other words, you can buy a large carat diamond at the same price as that of a gem with smaller carat weight. That’s why people do not have to worry about spending thousands of bucks just to get their hands over a large-sized diamond, say having a carat weight of 2 or 3. For instance, if you buy a 2 carat lab grown diamond in India, the approximate price will be INR 2 lakhs while that of a natural diamond of the same size will be INR 10 lakhs. That’s why the lab grown diamonds have gained immense fame in recent times. 


The reasons stated above are indeed justifiable for buying lab grown diamonds in India. However, you should adhere to the standard policies and choose a brand that can offer quality diamonds engineered at the labs. That’s where Ayaani Diamonds enters the picture. Known for their huge collection of lab grown diamond jewelry and certified gems, their products will never disappoint you.
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