Top 7 best selling mangalsutra from Ayaani Diamonds

Top 7 best selling mangalsutra from Ayaani Diamonds

India is a country of diverse cultures and communities. Hence, the wedding rituals followed in different parts of the country aren’t the same. For instance, north Indian wedding ceremonies are polar opposite to that of the South Indian ones. Similarly, a traditional Punjabi wedding will be much different from a Bengali marriage ceremony. While the rituals might vary with different community and culture, the traditional etiquette of the bride wearing the mangalsutra is prevalent throughout India. 

Latest Mangalsutra Designs for Women 

Considered as the holiest jewelry for an Indian bride, it is more than being a necklace. The black beads throughout the chain represent Lord Shiva while the golden ones are the embodiment of Goddess Parvati. Together, they form the embodiment of positive energies for safeguarding and upholding the marriage union. Over the years, the mangalsutra design has evolved a lot, to an extent where you can fund fancy necklaces having diamonds embedded to enhance the elegance and brilliance. If you are looking for a fashionable and radiant mangalsutra for yourself, explore these best-selling ones from Ayaani Diamonds. 

Antique pear shaped round diamond mangalsutra 

Considered to be one of the most chosen diamond mangalsutra designs, this antique piece is a star from Ayaani’s collection. Right at the middle of the chain, there are five pear-shaped metal housing, with the biggest one taking the center place and the rest flanking either side. The center and the last two pears are embedded with white sparkling lab grown diamonds while the 2nd and 4th from either side are kept plain. This specific arrangement counterbalances the shine and brilliance of the gems, creating a subtle yet elegant look. 

Blossom flower round diamond mangalsutra

Available in three different metal colors, namely rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold, this mangalsutra epitomizes radiance and luster to the next level. A closer look will reveal the crescent moon-shaped arc being used as the connection between the chains on two sides. Its band is embedded with small sparkling white diamonds to create a look of difference from the chain links. Along the inner curve of this arc are three flowers, being adhered through the tip of their petals. Each flower has a cluster of five small lab grown diamond pieces, thereby creating a perfect pendant look.

Sparkling round diamond cluster mangalsutra

Standing as the testament of exquisite craftsmanship, this latest mangalsutra design from Ayaani Diamonds is ready to make every head turn towards you at the first glance. The pendant is designed in a diamond shape, with the outer layer looking like being made from miniature snowflakes and the inner one having the clustered look. Four smaller diamonds are present on the inner ring in a floral pattern while the outer band has diamonds at every interconnection. Together, they truly heighten the elegance and charisma of the mangalsutra for new brides. 

Leaf round lab grown  diamond mangalsutra

If you are looking for a trendy mangalsutra for bride, Ayaani Diamonds brings to you its most lavish and fashionable piece. Right at the center are two leaves connected with one another in an inverted position. A small inverted pear-shaped pendant dangles from the point of joining of the two side leaves, thereby giving an elegant and exquisite look to the entire mangalsutra. If you take a closer look, you will find that the bigger leaves are made from numerous small leaflets, each adorned with finer small white sparkling diamonds. Thanks to such an arrangement, the necklace is perfect for brides who want a minimalist but bold and dazzling mangalsutra.

Clustered floral diamond mangalsutra

The specialty of this gold mangalsutra design is its minimalism and never-ending elegance. Shaped as a sun with inverted radiating rays, the central circle has clustered diamond setting. The black beads you can find in a traditional necklace are used to highlight the radiating arms from the central circle and terminates in seven diamond clusters. Since the pendant is inconspicuous and doesn’t have any bigger stone, you can easily wear this mangalsutra for your daily attire.

Pear shaped round diamond mangalsutra

Instead of using the black beads in a regular fashion, the craftsmen from Ayaani Diamonds have included a narrow arc of black hue at the top of the pendant design in this mangalsutra. Five small pear-shaped metals with embedded diamonds dangle from the outer curve of this arc. At the bottom, you will find another arc whose band is also encrusted with numerous small sparkling lab grown diamonds. 

Fancy pear shaped colored diamond mangalsutra

Last but not the least, we have this royal mangalsutra from Ayaani Diamonds that certainly stands out in the crowd, thanks to the vibrant color combinations, elegant design, and bolder look. The larger emerald pendant dangles from the diamond-encrusted horizontal band connecting both ends of the chains together. It has an outer band of small sparkling diamonds, followed by an emerald green metal band, and an inner core of clustered diamonds.


There is no doubt that Ayaani Diamonds is one of the most reputable and trustworthy sellers of lab grown diamond jewellery. So, if you want to have the best and trendiest bridal mangalsutra, this is your one-stop destination. Not only are the price rates highly affordable but also you can harbor several other benefits, like warranted products, long-lasting polishes, and so on. 

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