Ultimate Checklist For Purchasing Sustainable Diamond Rings

Ultimate Checklist For Purchasing Sustainable Diamond Rings

Throughout history, women have adored diamond rings across generations, standing as an enduring symbol of love and togetherness. From ancient to modern times, these timeless gems continue to captivate with their everlasting allure, weaving tales of romance and admiration that transcend time. But when it comes to choosing a ring for your coming engagement ceremony. An engagement marks a cherished milestone in our lives, a moment where dreams transform into reality as we embark on a new journey with our beloved partner. This journey brims with excitement, surprises, and celebrations, mingled with a hint of overwhelming. And everyone would want that ring to be ‘The Perfect’. However, to find the perfect lab grown diamond ring, we end up getting into scams & buying that is not worth it.

Don’t Worry! We have compiled this guide, to help you find your ideal engagement labs diamond ring as a symbol of your togetherness.

Experts Guide For Buying an Ethical and Sustainable Lab Diamond Rings

1.Select a Setting: 

Choosing the perfect diamond ring involves selecting engagement ring settings that complement your style and ensure comfort for everyday wear.

  • From luxurious halo designs to classic solitaires, our assortment of gold and diamond rings offers a variety of options. Explore our Ring Style Guide for guidance and benefit from stress-free decisions with our 14-day returns policy.
  • When selecting metal types for your diamond ring designs, such as white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold, consider your personal preference & current trends. Platinum is hypoallergenic, ideal for those with metal sensitivities. Learn more with our Precious Metals Guide.
  • Determining ring size is a breeze with our tips: sneak a ring from your partner's collection, enlist help from friends, or order a complimentary ring sizer from our website.

2.Be careful not to get caught in a jewellery trend:

Avoid being swayed by fleeting jewellery trends when choosing a diamond ring. Aim for a timeless and classic symbol of your enduring love. Consider your use whether you are looking for daily wear diamond rings or engagements. For example, if you are looking for engagement- consider your future fiancée's existing style – whether they prefer gold or platinum, gravitate towards statement pieces, or opt for minimalistic jewellery. Let their current fashion choices guide you in selecting the ring that will become a cherished part of their everyday life.

3.Ask for the stone source: 

When choosing diamonds in your ring, consider the source– mined or lab grown. Mined diamonds, formed beneath the Earth's crust, contrast with environmentally friendly lab grown alternatives, both sharing the same carbon composition. The choice extends to price, with lab grown diamond jewellery offering a more budget-friendly option. Weigh the environmental impact and budget considerations to make an informed decision on the stone's origin.

4.Check for Diamond Certification: 

To ensure you are selecting the finest diamond rings in India, prioritize verifying their authenticity with diamond certificates. Diamond certification, also known as diamond grading, offers assurance of quality. Produced by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), this evaluation system assesses diamonds based on the 4Cs: cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. It's advisable to opt for certified diamond jewelry, whether purchased in-store or online, to guarantee quality and authenticity.

5.Don’t buy before knowing the exchange policy of the company:

Before committing to a lab grown diamond rings purchase, familiarize yourself with the store's exchange policy. Unlike the lifetime commitment you're seeking in marriage, ensure flexibility with the jewellery purchase. In the unfortunate event that your choice doesn't align with your partner's taste, having the option to exchange ensures both your future spouse and the jewellery share a forever bond.

6.If getting a customized ring then connect with the jeweler:

Opt for a more personalized touch by collaborating directly with a jeweler to create a customized engagement ring design as per your preference. In today's preferences, uniqueness often trumps size, with a focus on quality, distinctive shapes like a rose cut, and a shift away from traditional diamonds. Many are embracing alternatives like alexandrite, a color-changing stone, reflecting a desire for individuality and a departure from the one-size-fits-all approach to engagement rings.


Purchasing sustainable lab grown diamond rings is not just about making a statement of style & elegance. By following the ultimate checklist outlined above, you can ensure that your diamond ring not only sparkles brilliantly but also reflects your values as a conscientious consumer. With sustainability at the forefront of your decision-making process, you can confidently cherish your timeless piece of jewelry, knowing that it was sourced and crafted with integrity and care.

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