Where to find the best price on a 1 carat lab grown diamond?

Where to find the best price on a 1 carat lab grown diamond?

Buying a lab grown diamond has innumerable benefits for everyone, including affordable price indices, options for in-depth customization, enhanced quality and purity grades, and many more. Several online jewelry stores have already included jewelry products with these synthetic gems in their existing categories, ensuring customers can have an option to look for a more budgeted option while enjoying the same experience as they would with real diamonds. However, finding the best store to buy a 1 carat lab grown diamond ring won’t be so easy, especially if you are concerned of the price charged for the gem.

Until and unless you are well-versed with the cost indices of different gems, you might end up paying way more than the required amount for the 1 carat lab grown diamond. To help you out of this dilemmatic condition, we have curated a buying guide where we have explained the factors determining the price of a 1 carat lab-grown diamond and other relevant aspects. With Ayaani Diamonds being one of the trusted and reliable sellers of lab grown diamond jewelry, we have also explained the benefits you can enjoy by choosing this online store for your needs.

Factors determining the cost of a 1 carat lab grown diamond

Firstly, we will take a look into the five major factors that determine the actual price of a 1 carat lab grown diamond in the market. This will help you draw a cost estimate without any error in your calculations and prepare the budget accordingly.


The first and foremost factor influencing the price of lab grown diamond rings for women having 1 carat weight is its shape. Round-shaped gems are the costliest because this specific cut imparts more brilliance and shine to the entire stone, owing to the smooth surface lines and higher refractive indices. Apart from this, asscher shapes and the oval shapes are the next most expensive shapes you will find in lab grown diamonds. Therefore, you should estimate the lab grown diamond price in India according to the shape you want to have.


Cut of a diamond refers to the quality of the polishing done on the crude gem piece, the symmetries present in the diamond, and the proportions. Higher the symmetry or proportional balance, more will be the cost of the specific cut of the 1 carat lab grown diamond. Round brilliant cut is the most expensive one in the market, followed by oval, princess, heart, and marquise.


Another most important determinant of the 1 carat lab grown diamond price is its color grade. Usually, the synthetic diamonds are graded from D to Z on the color scale, with the D-grade diamond being colorless and the Z-grade gems having a slight brown or yellow tint in them. If you want to transparent white diamonds, it would be best to choose gems with a color grade between G and J as they are cheaper and appear colorless to the naked eyes when compared to diamonds with color grades between D and F. For colored or tinted diamonds, the price will vary according to the hue, color intensity, and the tint present within the gem. For instance, red-colored diamonds are the costliest, followed by blue, pink, and yellow diamonds. So, ensure to choose the right jewelry from the list of lab grown diamond rings based on the color that resonates the most with your purpose.


The next factor you have to consider to determine the price of a 1 carat lab grown diamond is its clarity. This factor determines the presence of blemishes and inclusions in the gem. So, if you choose a diamond with almost zero to negligible inclusion and a perfect surface cut with no blemishes, the cost will automatically skyrocket. If you have a tight budget but want to get your hands on high clarity lab grown diamonds, opt for VS1 or VS2 gems as they have minimal inclusions which will be visible only under 10x magnification but not to the naked eyes. On the contrary, if price isn’t a constraint for you, choose the VVS or FL clarity grade for the lab grown diamonds as they are of the best-quality.


Last but not the least, certified 1 carat lab-grown diamond will certainly cost more than the regular ones with no proper certification. It would be best to ask the store from where you have planned to purchase the diamond more about the certification, its warranty, and the grading present in the document to ensure you are paying for the best quality diamond.

Ayaani Diamonds: The best place to buy affordable 1 carat lab grown diamond

While there are numerous online stores from where you can get high-quality 1 carat lab-grown diamond , Ayaani Diamonds is perhaps the best destination. Before you reach to a conclusion, let’s have a brief glance at the benefits you can enjoy with this online lab grown diamond store.

  • They maintain complete transparency about the origin of their lab grown diamonds India, color grading, cut quality, and other factors.
  • The diamonds are tested and certified before using these gems for making different types of jewelry items.
  • With such an extensive collection of lab grown diamond rings, you won’t run out of options any time soon.
  • They offer a 7-day return policy, which is quite effective since you will be able to get the refund if there is something wrong with your purchased product.


1 carat lab-grown diamond is mostly used in making heavier and voluminous jewelry products. So, while buying the same, you should have absolute clarity about the gem’s price and the factors determining its cost index. This way you won’t have to pay more than what you originally planned for.

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