Why choose lab grown diamonds for your engagement ring?

Why choose lab grown diamonds for your engagement ring?

Out of most jewelry pieces a person can have, it is the engagement ring that always remain close to the heart. This priceless accessory not only speaks volumes about the purity and elegance of the bond you share with your beloved but also forms a statement of the vows you have taken with that person. So, your desire of having the best engagement ring is completely justifiable. While simple gold or platinum rings are apt for engagement, they cannot supersede the glam and elegance of a diamond-encrusted jewelry.

Having a shining, bright central stone simply accentuates the beauty of the overall ring, acting as the key point of attraction. Nowadays, you will find engagement rings with different stone setting designs, including halo rings, emerald-cut diamond ring, and so on. Therefore, it’s clear that you won’t run out of the options any time soon. But buying a natural diamond is likely to form a dent in your pocket, given the gem’s high demand and shorter supply chain. So, if you want to have a beautiful and pristine engagement ring without worrying about the budget, opting for lab grown diamonds seems to be feasible decision.

How lab grown diamonds are made?

As the name implies, lab grown diamonds are synthesized at laboratories in special setups where the natural conditions are replicated through various simulations. Usually, a small piece of mined diamond is used as the seed, which is then placed inside a chamber. The process through which this seed is grown into a diamond depends on the feasibility of the approach, supply chain demand, and the purity and clarity to be acquired in the final product.

Below we have discussed the two major techniques implemented to synthesize diamonds in the laboratories.

  • High temperature high pressure technique: In this method, an extremely high temperature and pressure are maintained within the chamber, ensuring the interior replicates earth’s crust conditions where real diamonds are found. Due to this, carbon atoms form strong bonds and crystalize further to form the lab grown diamond.

  • CVD approach: Here, a gas is blown over the diamond seed at an extremely high temperature so that it would get converted into plasma and release carbon atoms. These atoms adhere to the crystal lattice of the seed through fusion and form the gem in desired size and weight.

The lab grown diamonds initially formed are crude in form and hence cannot be used in jewelry making. They are sent for further polishing and cutting, after which different diamond shapes are obtained and the purity and clarity are maintained at optimal levels to resemble a real diamond.

How lab grown diamonds are beneficial for the buyers?

Since you have planned to purchase one of the best lab grown diamond rings for women, let’s discover some of the benefits of your decision you can enjoy.

Sustainable choice

Firstly, lab grown diamonds are synthesized in laboratories under controlled conditions. As a result, the need for mining the diamonds out from nature is significantly reduced, which further decreases the carbon footprint. The natural resources won’t get depleted much, which will automatically reduce the negative impact on the environment. This is why buying a lab grown diamond engagement ring seems to be a sustainable choice since the manufacturing process of the gems do not harm the environment or disturb the ecological balance in any way.

Higher affordability

Real diamonds are so costly due to the extremely high demand and shorter supply chain. The number of products available for the end users is quite low, which is why the price factor has skyrocketed over the years. However, when we consider the lab grown diamonds, the cost index is lowered by a significant amount, owing to the elimination of overheads like mining and extraction costs, scarcity of crude diamond, and so on. Furthermore, the lab grown diamonds are cheaper in the sense that they are formed in artificial environments and can be synthesized at larger volumes to meet the supply chain demand. Therefore, buying the lab grown diamond rings won’t be a hassle anymore.


At Ayaani, all the lab grown diamonds used for manufacturing the engagement rings are certified. Hence, you won’t have to worry about the gems’ authenticity anymore. Whether you choose an emerald cut diamond ring or a halo ring with small white diamonds embedded along the channel bands, every single gem will have appropriate and up-to-dated certifications from authentic organizations.

Enhanced purity and quality

Another reason to choose the lab grown diamonds India is because of their purity and quality. Since carbon atoms are deposited or fused with the existing crystal lattice of the real diamond seedling, the final gem produced at the laboratories has the same chemical and physical properties. Furthermore, professionals ensure to exercise caution in maintaining the temperature and pressure within the chamber so that the lab grown diamonds won’t have any chemical impurity, which might alter its purity and quality grade.


Last but not the least, lab grown diamond engagement rings can be easily customized to cater to your needs and ensure their emotional and sentimental values are retained throughout. Whether you want an engagement ring with different colored diamonds or a jewelry piece with intricate design patterns, customizing the product is much easier with synthetic, lab grown diamonds.


In this article, we have explained how lab grown diamonds are manufactured within artificial chambers using different approaches. Since you now know the benefits of choosing engagement rings made from these gems, you won’t have to give a second thought to your initial decision and delay the purchase. Also, with affordable lab grown diamond price in India, you can easily choose a ring featuring intricate designs and numerous gems.

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