8 unique diamond bracelet designs for ladies that stand out

8 unique diamond bracelet designs for ladies that stand out

Many women prefer to wear a single bracelet around their wrist instead of a bunch of bangles. It is not only an elegant choice but also easier to carry throughout the day. From simple gold-plated to chain-styled bracelets, there are numerous options on the market to try. However, these can never overshadow the elegance and vibrancy of the diamond bracelet designs, especially the ones crafted meticulously by skilled artisans. But buying a diamond bracelet is not always applicable for women, the high price tag being the obvious reason.

Owing to this, we have brought to you a list of diamond bracelet India that are embedded with lab grown diamonds and fall within an affordable price range. With these in hand, you won’t have to get stressed about a dent forming in your pocket or emptying all your savings for a jewelry. On top of this, a lab grown diamond jewelry is almost similar to that of a piece made with natural gems. Therefore, it would be hard to state that the diamonds you are wearing weren’t sourced from the mines. So, if you want to wear a dazzling lab grown jewelry for the upcoming event, these following diamond bracelet designs will certainly leave you awestruck.

Antique round diamond bracelet

Encrusted with 120 small, white sparkling diamonds in segmented form throughout the surface pavement, this is one of the best diamond bracelet designs you can have for yourself. Between the diamond segments, you will find a blue-colored metal plate that not only adds an accent statement to the jewelry but also forms a complimentary pair with the base metal. The best part is that you get the option to choose from three different base metal colors, namely white, yellow, and rose gold as per your convenience.

Round diamond bangle bracelet

As from the design, you will find three larger white diamonds at the end of the upper band followed by a stream of smaller diamonds on the rest of the band in this bracelet design. What makes it stand out in the crowd is the ways in which the four bands are arranged, with two bands overlapping one another at the junctures. Choose from three different base metal options according to your preferred colors. This lab grown diamond jewellery not only possesses a never-ending brilliance but also has a unique accent statement that will attract the gaze of all the onlookers in no time.

Cluster Round Diamond Bangle for Women

Known as one of the best diamond bracelets for women from Ayaani Diamonds, this wonderful jewelry houses 500 small, sparkling white gems throughout the band’s length. The blush pink colored zones are surrounded by three bands of diamonds, on either sides and the bottom, thereby creating an appealing look. What’s more is the availability of three different base metal options available for choice. Hence, you won’t have to stick to a single metal color and compromise with your planned attire for the upcoming event.

Pave round diamond bracelet

If you are looking for diamond tennis bracelets for women, this pave round bracelet studded with 238 lab grown diamonds will be the best choice. It comprises of a single band of small, sparkling gems without any break. To compliment the stones, it has paved band running parallel to the diamond band on the below section. The blue-colored edge compliments the base metal colors pretty well, regardless of which option you opt for yourself. Get ready to dazzle around and attract every gaze in the room with this classic jewelry.

Additionally, it is one of the best diamond engagement bracelets you can wear on your special day and enhance your entire attire by ten folds.

Modern round cluster diamond bangle

If you love clustered diamond bracelet designs, this is the one you should explore further from Ayaani Diamonds. Known for the clusters of white, sparkling diamonds arranged in three bands, it will not only add more depth to your overall attire but also help you stand out in the huge crowd with ease. A closer look will reveal that the grey-colored vertical bands are separated with a diamond-paved bands for additional brilliance and shine.

Minimalist lab grown diamond bracelet

If you are looking for minimal diamond bracelet designs, get your hands over this exquisite piece of jewelry from Ayaani Diamonds. It comprises of a single band of small diamonds which is further complimented with a segmented blue-color metal plating band. Choose from three different base metal options as per your liking and get ready to have all the attention upon yourself the moment you walk through the doors.

Two row diamond bracelet

Known as one of the most preferred diamond bracelet designs, this particular jewelry piece will help you stand out in the crowd, regardless of your attire. Comprising of two stacked rows of small lab grown diamonds, the bracelet will fit perfectly around your wrist, hugging your hand like a second skin. You can now select from three base metal colors and pair the jewelry with your outfit for different occasions.

Round two-row stacked diamond bracelet

Known for its classic beauty and never-ending charm, this product is one of the most-sought after diamond bracelet designs. A careful look will reveal the unique arrangement of the diamonds along both rows, in both continuous and scattered form. In fact, it is this peculiar stone setting that adds to the charisma of the diamond jewelry.


Now that we have listed the top-rated diamond bracelet designs from Ayaani Diamonds, it’s time you make the move and select the best one for your purpose. Ensure you carefully select the product as it will play a crucial role in making or breaking your entire look for the upcoming event.
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